Sand beneath my feet Rushing waves near; in sight and sound So blue. So free. I smell the sea. The distant sun covers me in warmth A gentle breeze brushing against my skin My soul responds with the deepest of inhales I take it all in And almost as if I’ll never take that breath […]


Baby Steps

So, it’s been a minute! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in front of my MacBook and began drafting a post. At some point, I’d either become distracted and lose focus in one way or another or I simply found myself stuck in thought. No matter the cause, it always leads to […]


“Sensing” My Way To Peace

Peace. What is it and why do we need it? Wikipedia defines peace as such. Peace is the concept of harmonious well-being and freedom from hostile aggression. My well-being is important to me because ultimately, it along with other very important components, shape my quality of life. If I had to define peace, I think […]