The Phone Call

When I first started blogging, I’d told myself that I would write so many posts per week. I think it was like 5 per week.  I soon realized that, for me, this was an unrealistic expectation. Adhering to a schedule would mean that with or without inspiration, I’d post. So basically, I’d just be rambling […]


Collective Efforts

A few hours ago, I geared up (face mask & gloves) and I left my house headed to grab a few items that I needed from the store. COVID-19 has not only cleared the road, but the shelves inside all of our favorite grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores are completely scarce. It feels like […]


37: A Redefined Birthday

  I made it and I’m so very thankful. I feel blessed. COVID-19 has been a great detriment across the world. So many lives have been taken and so many more have fallen sick. Much of the country has been locked down in one way or another and we’ve been forced to find solace in […]