Flight Delay

Incoming text.

It reads: Your Southwest flight… has been delayed to…

Initially I found myself a little agitated. Shit, I’m tired of sitting here. I silently questioned why it may be delayed. Maybe it’s the weather even though it doesnt look like much other than some light rain. Maybe it’s all of the fog and there is poor visibility. Maybe there were mechanical issues. Shit, does it matter? Whatever the reason, I’m sure it’s for my benefit. I damn sure wouldn’t want to be a passenger on a plane that’s less than 100%. I wouldn’t want to be captained by a pilot who can’t see due to weather conditions.

Delays. We experience all sorts of them in life…all the time. It may be traffic. It may be health issues. Things just happen. It’s during these times that we realize that we control very little in our lives. Some of you… (most of us) have created a picture of how our lives should go. Many of you have done this in great detail. I guess you can say that you have drawn out a blueprint for your life. You will finish school at this time. You will meet the man or woman of your dreams and will be married by this age. Oh and babies! You will have your first child no later than this age. You will purchase your first home on this day. You will travel abroad this year. Guess what? Many times, these things dont happen in the timeline we’ve assigned for ourselves. For very few, it works out as planned. Should out to all 3 of you! Lol. How does that saying go?

“While we are making plans, God laughs.”

Yeah basically.

I feel that delays are the universe’s way of protecting us. Perhaps we aren’t quite ready for the plans we’ve put in place. Sometimes more growth is required. Sometimes we have to go through some things in order to obtain that growth. Sometimes we are being kept from something.

So, for anyone experiencing what they feel to be a delay in their lives, know that everything happens when it’s supposed to. That job WILL come. That man WILL come. That woman WILL come. That baby WILL come. That house WILL come. That money WILL come. Whatever it is, IT WILL COME. What is for you, is for you. In the meantime, make the best of your time in between and up to. Appreciate the delays.

My take away:

Delays may not feel good but often times, they are for your own good. Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated. Just like detours, they aren’t stops, so just keep moving. You WILL get to your destination.

P.S. – You can always create a blog entry while you wait. Ijs…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alexis Jenkins says:

    Very timely post. Thanks for this. It WILL come! 🙌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She by Ebony says:

      Anytime beautiful! Glad it helped you.


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