Je ne sais quoi

I just left Publix, a grocery store that consistently has some of THE BEST customer service that you will ever receive. Well, there was this one time… But Hey! We are all allowed a bad day right? Anywho, as I was walking through the parking lot alongside the gentleman who bagged my groceries and also INSISTED that he helped me carry them to my car, he said something that made me smile. As we approached my car, he says, “There is something about you. You have this… this… (he struggled to find his words in which he never did quite find… lol) thing about you, but it’s nice. It’s a good energy. You don’t find that in many people.”

Now this wasn’t a pick up line of any sort. This young man was very genuine in his compliment. I actually get “that” a lot and every time I hear it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time and I remain flattered. I didn’t do anything extraordinary during my interaction with this gentleman. I spoke. I smiled? I asked him how he was doing. I was just being my normal self.

Occurrences like this allow me to appreciate myself even more. I am not for everyone. For some I may be too much. For some I just may not be enough. One thing for sure is that I am, who I am and I will attract the people in my life that I should. I will disinterest the people who were not meant to be in my life and I am completely okay with that.

Thank you young man.



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