Two days ago, I entered Chapter 35!!! Yayyyy!!! Excited? lol Well… I am! As I approached this new chapter of my life, I decided that I would declare it my NEW BIRTHday. I feel that over the last year, God… life, has been developing me into this beautiful embryo and finally, I am ready to BREATHE. I am ready to LIVE. I am ready to be okay with my imperfections as I now realize that those imperfections make me, me.

I am not sure of all the things that are to come for me moving forward. What I am sure about is that there will be discomfort, but doesn’t that usually precede change? And… isn’t change the one thing that is consistent in life? I guess what I am saying is that I welcome the discomfort that will bring forth change in my life. Perhaps, it is what I need in this stage of my life. Motivation I guess…

For most of my life, I have always kept a journal. I am thankful for that, because I am always able to pull those old journals out and revisit certain periods of my life. I am also able to track personal; growth. Lastly, as my memory seems to not be what it once was (3 kids will do that to you!), I am able to just recollect. This blog will be no different in that aspect. I will be able to revisit former posts and track growth, but unlike my private journals,  I will also be extending these same conveniences to the world.  A little scary, I guess, but part of my “development” over the last year was accepting (what I have known for quite sometime) that I am NOT perfect. I AM flawed. I make mistakes. I often times speak too soon, too much and  even too loud. I AM and I AM NOT a lot of things. However, I feel a need to be a little more transparent. I feel a desire to share my life with the world. There is so much that can be learned from me just as there is so much that I have learned through the transparency of others.

I won’t commit to a daily post or even a weekly post. I would probably be setting myself up for failure if I did that. I will not commit to posting the most private and intimate details of my life, but I will commit to opening  the doors of my life a little lot more than I ever have. I look forward to this new chapter and I look forward to sharing it with you… all of you.

Disclaimer: I am a very impulsive soul. I sometimes form an opinion prior to proper or thorough examination, but as I am able to admit to these flaws, I am also able to apologize or retract when I am wrong or have simply changed my thoughts on something.  Most importantly, I am a work in progress.

-Ebbie (Ebony)


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  1. incline2tech says:

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    We all have to have the courage to become Re-Born and live our lives out loud.


  2. incline2tech says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


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